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"Change, monitor, implement"
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"Change, monitor, implement"
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European Day of Independent Living
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Research and Publishing

Center introduced research activities as additional tool in advocacy process.
The first research was made after the experimental project of Personal Asssistance Service for 16 beneficiaries in Belgrade. The research was also conducted on the significant changes perceived even in this short period of time among the life quality of persons with disabilities, service beneficiaries.
Center continued to work in the second project Network of NGOs in Poverty Reduction Strategy Process. Center was especially engaged to work on the part of document related to the poverty of persons with disabilities.
International Labour Organisation (ILO) involve Center for Independent Living in its research study Policy Tools for Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities
During its most important project - Personal Assistants Service in Serbia, Center organised two researches. One research, done by Institute G 17, shows the cost effectiveness of this kind of support to persons with disabilitiesof – Cost of Independence This research was also published in the content of a Separate. Other research presents changes in quality of life at persons with disabilities, users of PAS project – Experiences of Independence. This research was made by CIL expert consultants and associates.
Through conducted and published researches, the Center has also contributed to the creation of the analyses and documentation from different areas of persons with disabilities which had not existed until that time.

Starting from the fact having information is powerful means in the work of any social group, the Center has begun and successfully continued the development of this segment on which we are very proud. Until recently, in our region, there was not much material on disability issue published. The contacts with different organizations, institutions and numerous individuals we have made after publishing certain publications, has convinced us that translating the foreign material as well as printing various reseaches and papers from our personal experiences is a worthy undertaking. The possibility that we have contributed to information exchange as well as to improvement of disability movement development in the country makes us happy. The materials we have published so far are the following:
  • We can do it – the stories of women with disabilities from the countries in development – book, translation of ILO, with he supplements of the stories of women from Kosovo and Republika Srpska, 1997
  • The set of guidebooks published by the British organization Disability Awareness in Action – DAA: DAA No.2 – Giving advice and influence, informative material, translation with the supplement of the UN Standard Rules, 1997 -DAA No. 3 – Campaigns, informative material, translation, 1997 -DAA No. 4 – Building organization, informative material, translation, 1998
  • Social model of disability – brochure, translation, 2000
  • Access/barriers removal for full participation – brochure, translation, 2000
  • Reseach on the experimental pilot project Personal Assitance Service – brochure, 2001
  • White points – accessible public buildings in Belgrade, brochure, 2002
  • Madrid Declaration – how to fulfill social inclusion – brochure, translation, 2002
  • Key for equality – UN Standard Rules, brochure, 2003
  • Disability and sexuality/”Are they doing it to?”, flier, 2003
  • Violence is the death of a soul – brochure, translation, 2004
  • Women with disabilities/obstacles for equality – brochure, translation, 2004 2004
  • Discriminated…as a woman…as a person with disability – flier, 2004
  • Principles of the philosophy of independent living – flier, 2005
  • The price of independence – research on economic justification of financing Personal Assistance Service, book, 2005
  • The price of independence – research on economic justification of financing Personal Assistance Service, book, 2005
  • The price of independence – paper , 2005
  • Experiences of independence – research on changes in the life quality of the benefiaries and their surroundings within the SPAS project, book, 2005
  • Personal Assistance Service in Serbia – “The idea whose time has come”- brochure, 2005